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Why Etsy Shop Owner's Love Etsy360

Etsy360 started as a WordPress plugin. We have expanded Etsy360 to support most website builder platforms. Such as SquareSpace, Weebly, Strikingly, SimpleSite, Google Sites… to name a few. We support custom websites as well. Don't worry, Etsy360 still works with WordPress. We make the whole process of embeding your Etsy shop on your website a breeze!

  • Manage Your Etsy Products With Ease

    Refresh your stock on the Etsy site, and your own site will update automatically. No double duty. Save time - save money!

  • Receive Automatic Upgrades

    All active subscription holders can explore new features as they are released, even those not available at the time of purchase. We are restlessly creative in our offerings to users, and we propel them down their entrepreneurial journey by dreaming up new tools that will give them the edge in attracting and retaining customers.

    • Retain Customers

      Stand out in the e-commerce game with your engaging website that connects seamlessly with one of the biggest e-commerce platforms. Keep your customers engaged and let the sales roll in.

    • Access Reliable Support

      Specific responses to your inquiries and concerns are always a few clicks away. Locate your Etsy360 2.0 Dashboard and receive premium assistance from our experts when you need guidance for improving your integrated presence.

    * (ANY website) means any site builder that allows you to embed custom html code. Most site builder provide this type of integration but not all. Please refer to your site builder documentation for more information. Etsy360 does not claim our solution will work with all site builder platforms.

    What our customer are saying

    What our customer are saying

    Your Visitor's Shopping Experience

    Once you have your Etsy Shop embedded on your website, your visitors will have the ability to shop your products right from your website.

    Main Shop Listings

    The Main Shop Listings Block was curated with you in mind. It was important that the Listings Block be simple and stylish without clashing with your chosen theme, and providing your visitors with what they need to make a buying decision.

    Shop Sections

    The optional Shop Sections Block is perfect for easy access to categorized products located in the sidebar for easy access.

    Item Details Page

    Just like a true e-commerce site. When your visitors view item details they are presented with a nicely laid out product details page which includes, product images, variations, qty, materials, description, and fulfillment information.

    Check out on Etsy

    Your visitor has completed their journey on your website and has clicked on the “Purchase Now” button, they are taken to Etsy to complete their order.

    Unlock the Full Potential of Your
    Etsy Shop

    No need to make things difficult. One monthly payment, cancel any time.

    Features and Pricing

    Embed your Etsy Shop on your website.

    • Installation Videos
    • Takes only 15 minutes to Install
    • No software plugins to install or update
    • Main Shop Listing Block
    • Your products will look great on any device
    • Shop Categories Sidebar Block
    • List Featured Items Block
    • Individual Shop Section Block
    • Item Details Block
    • Your visitors directed to Etsy to process their payment
    • Curreny Support for USD, GBP, CAD, AUD
    • Item variations selection
    • Item quantity selection
    • Shop shipping details
    • Shop Policy details

    Import your listing into your Facebook and Instagram Shops

    With your subscription, you can now effortlessly bring your Etsy listings to Facebook and Instagram!



    • Import Listings on Facebook and Instagram
    • Embed Etsy Shop on your Website
    • Video Installation Guides
    • Tech Support